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Best Car Wash In Islamabad and No.1 Car Detailing Services 

Many local Service stations offer car wash in Islamabad, but most of them were using outdated methods. However, we tried to evolve the car wash system at Super Shine Auto Detailing. We started to provide this professional car wash in Rawalpindi at customer premises when we opened in Islamabad Rawalpindi in 2019 with professional detailers who had worked abroad and know the latest car detailing systems. We changed how car detailing in Rawalpindi was done before. So if your problem is how to find best car wash packages and car wash near to you don’t worry you have best car wash in islamabad now.

Services We are offering in Islamabad:

At Super Shine Auto Detailing, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services to meet customers car care needs:

Detailing/Car Wash in Islamabad:   

Detailing is the process of cleaning, fixing, and improving the look of a car. Detailing a vehicle means cleaning both the inside and outside of it. Different products are used to fix problems and flaws in each car part.

Detailing the inside of a car means cleaning and shining the dashboard, floor carpet, door panels, and roof carpet. But to describe the outside of a vehicle, the paint needs to be cleaned and polished to eliminate swirl marks, scratches, and other dirt, leaving a smooth, shiny finish. At Super Shine Car Detailing, we use skill and the right tools to improve the look of your car and get it ready for the showroom.

Car Detailing in Islamabad

Ceramic Coating In Islamabad:

Super Shine Auto Detailing offers free best car wash in Islamabad with ceramic coating and glass coating package in Islamabad. After the general services (detailing), we clean the paint to make it look brand new and shiny and we do this with the help of buffing machine and branded compound after removing swirls and dirt from cars surface we apply polish which provides extra shine and smoothness to the car paint. in the end we go for the final step which is applying ceramic coating.

traditional ceramic coating is the chemical liquid of silicon dioxide. It keeps things like UV rays from entering your car from the outside. Droppings from birds, – Rain that is too acidic, – provide hydrophobic properties to cars paint – Curved lines, – Weakening, – Nothing, – Keeps car paint as shiny as it was when it was new.

Best Car Washin Islamabad

Graphene Coating:

Graphene coating is the newest method used in the coating business. It has better joints and more car-friendly features. Benefits of graphene coating are more advanced and latest thats why now a days people are prefering graphene coating over ceramic coating. We use the best type of graphene protection in town phase at Super Shine Auto Detailing. Graphene coating saves your investment and changes your dirty, boring car’s appearance. 

Paint Protection Film:

The paint protection film is a thin, transparent, thermoplastic solid urethane film that is put on the painted parts of a car to keep them from getting damaged by the weather and other things on the road. PPF is made to add an extra layer of protection to the paint by making a clear shield over it.

Super Shine Auto Detailing uses well-known names like Xpell, XPTT, and Carace, which last a long time to keep your car safe. Try us out, and you won’t be disappointed. It will happen.

Booking Procedure:

For booking car wash in Islamabad you can meet us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or call our 24/7 service number +923091188899. You can also text us at the same number on WhatsApp. Because they are friendly and helpful, our staff will treat you well and provide you the best car wash discounted prices.

Social Media:

For the ease of customers, we are available on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In and YouTube so that customers can reach us quickly and ask for Information and solutions for their car-related problems and can book us for car wash in islamabad and other services.


After you book your time slot for the date you want, our team will come to your location with all the necessary tools and supplies to do the car wash in Islamabad. At some point, someone from our office will call you and ask you what you think. Whenever you have a problem, you will get an answer right away.

Conclusion :

After you read about who we are, what we do, and how we do it, I hope you decide to hire us for car wash in Islamabad . Many of our past clients have said in their reviews, which you can read here, that it will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for your car. We’re grateful for your time.